SMB Warning: AI Security Vulnerabilities Are a Real Threat

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is perhaps the fastest-growing branch of computer science. Every day, new smart machines capable of performing tasks, learning and making appropriate decisions continue to automate our connected everyday world. While AI has simplified so many tasks, it has also created new opportunities for cyberattacks.

Have You Been AI Hacked?

It is difficult for the average small to midsized business to keep up with all the new cyber threats. But the unfortunate truth is that the cybercriminal community now sees every new smart device as an endpoint in your network through which it can gain access. For businesses, nothing is more important than network security. Yet, as concerned as we are about cyber security for our PCs and cell phones, all our devices requiring an internet connection are now part of a hacker’s target landscape. Also, hackers are using AI to automate their attacks. In more and more cases, hackers’ use of AI can interact directly with your networked AI devices to compromise data and functionality without any human contact.

AI In Data Security

Fortunately, AI has also revolutionized data security. A simple example of the early development of AI in data security that still exists today is anti-virus programs that run in the background and automatically identify and quarantine suspicious files. Now, security tools powered by AI can drastically reduce threats to data security. Proper cyber security should be working all the time without you being there, and AI-based security has taken automation to a new level.

Machine Learning Security

Machine Learning Security is the ability for machines to recognize and learn threat patterns and then take actions based on what “they’ve” learned to mitigate or stop such threats. Much of the AI we are in contact with daily is voice-based, and devices such as Alexa, Siri and Google Now have become part of mainstream life. For example, When Siri auto-fills a name you’ve used repeatedly – when Google Now recommends resources based on what you’ve used in the past – and when Alexa makes purchase suggestions based on your order history, the devices are using AI to customize your user experience. However, AI devices make life easier for both the user and the cybercriminal.

There is good news for SMB owners. With the help of IT experts, machine learning can analyze, report and address cyber threats before they occur. The machine-learning function can also automate demanding or repetitive tasks to free up owners and employees to focus on their jobs and devise strategies to grow their business.

The challenge with defending against AI-driven cyberattacks is that the technology of cybercrime is almost always one step ahead of our cyber protection. Hackers weaponize AI to design and launch attacks. By using their AI, attackers can spot network vulnerabilities quickly that a human wouldn’t be able to do. The automated AI bots can learn from previous attacks and quickly evolve to where they can capitalize on such openings. As the attack mutates to avoid detection, it can launch immediate follow-up attacks before new protections can be put in place. Cyber security experts must continue to develop new defenses against ever-mutating malicious AI bots.

The recent, rapid increase in remote access work has vastly broadened the target landscape for hackers. Unfortunately, more than 40% of cyberattacks are on small to midsized businesses. SMB owners often don’t take cyber security seriously enough. Working under the misconception that they aren’t of interest to cyber criminals, many small businesses don’t focus enough on their overall network security. AI has made it much easier for hackers to target them, and these sophisticated data threats have crippled many SMBs.

Unfortunately, SMBs have neither the time nor the budget for a full-time IT department. Without the expertise and experience of IT professionals, smaller businesses cannot ensure that their cyber security protections are up to date. In addition, with the increase in AI-based cyberattacks, additional layers of AI-based cyber security must also be part of an integrated plan for a business’ network protection. SMBs need to use IT experts to provide a cyber risk analysis to assess their cyber vulnerabilities across their systems and help them design the best layers of security to protect their business data.

DIGIGUARD Cyber Security Helps SMBs Use AI to Their Advantage

DIGIGUARD is a small business IT company specializing in preventing cyber threats of all kinds. They have the expertise and experience to help you protect your SMB against the latest cyber threats. They possess a wide array of solutions to protect against cybercrimes and ensure you have the best possible continuous protection in place. Also, DIGIGUARD works with small to midsized businesses to provide cyber risk training and establish customized cyber security best practices to further secure their confidential data. In addition, DIGIGUARD locks down all your devices, making sure your endpoints have the specific protections they require, especially those used for remote-access work.

For businesses of any size, cyberattacks can have devastating consequences. DIGIGUARD can assess your cyber risks and work with you to implement all the best security solutions for your SMB.

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