SMB Cyber Security – What is a VPN Good For? Can a VPN be Traced?

Overall, the business world has become more aware of better cyber security. The expanded remote access workforce has compelled businesses to address their cyber vulnerabilities amid a growing cyberattack landscape. Hackers continue to devise new ways to gain access to networks. As a result, Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are used more than ever to protect sensitive or personal data from breaches by cybercriminals.

Before deciding whether your small to midsized business needs a VPN, it is worth understanding how not having one leaves your network vulnerable to data breaches. Here is what happens when you connect to the internet without using a VPN:

When using a VPN:

The VPN servers do not store your private or identifying data. The net result of using a VPN is the addition of a powerful layer of cyber security to reduce the risk of being hacked.

Can a VPN be Traced?

With enough time and resources, the most prolific hackers can eventually breach most cyber protections. However, as is the case with any business, some projects just aren’t worth pursuing. Tracking, identifying and breaching a VPN connection is not cost-effective for hackers. The process entails combing through massive amounts of data to find and breach your connection. Therefore, in addition to a VPN’s intrinsic ability to hide your connection, hackers are discouraged and won’t waste their time on attacks unless they are searching for something specific and valuable.

VPNs for Small Businesses

For SMBs working on a tight profit margin, VPNs offer an economical and cost-effective layer of robust device security.

In addition to the privacy and security benefits afforded by a VPN, other features include:

Most small to midsized businesses are very budget-conscious. The good news is that remote-access VPNs are very cost-effective solutions that deliver a higher level of cyber security without sacrificing performance. Many VPN solutions for SMBs are reasonably priced. By employing IT professionals to evaluate your business and assess its cyber threat vulnerabilities, you will be able to find the best VPN package for your company's size and business functions.

Digiguard Cyber Security Can Lock Down Your Network

It is clear that a VPN is a crucial security layer for your business. Digiguard Cyber Security specializes in SMB cyber security, including VPN solutions. With Digiguard Cyber Security providing your small business with its own secure, accessible and affordable virtual private network setup and other cyber security components, your company will be armed and ready to work and share data in the current mobile work environment.

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