Small Business IT Support: Cyber Security Do’s and Don’ts

Small to midsized businesses often suffer from the age-old process of weighing costs against benefits. Cyber security is rarely made a priority by SMBs, partly because it’s an intangible for business owners who are not technically astute. Often, until faced with a cyberattack, SMBs don’t consult IT professionals to secure their networks. By then, the costs of poor cyber security will dramatically outweigh any savings previously achieved by a do-it-yourself approach to protection from data breaches. However, even after you collaborate with IT experts to strengthen your cyber defenses, ongoing cyber security is a team effort; all employees must strictly follow security protocols.

SMB Data Security Do’s and Don’ts

Cyber security best practices should be embraced by all employees, at all levels, at all times.

Basic company-wide rules must include:

Comprehensive cyber risk management is vital to running a small to midsized business. Unfortunately, smaller companies have neither the time nor the budget for a full-time IT department. In addition, they also lack the expertise to take the necessary steps to assess and protect their cyber vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is essential to employ IT professionals to lock down your network, secure your endpoint devices and train your employees. They will assess your cyber risks and help you design the best layers of protection for your hard-earned business data, regardless of where the data is stored and who is accessing it. Cyber Security is now a 360-degree ecosystem requiring significant expertise to secure all possible access points.

DIGIGUARD Cyber Security Specializes in Protecting SMBs

DIGIGUARD is dedicated to preventing cyber threats of all kinds. They are the IT experts you need to secure your business network. Also, they have a wide array of solutions to protect against cybercrimes and ensure you have the best possible protection in place before a cyberattack. It works with small and midsized businesses to establish cyber security best practices to ensure confidential data is secure and all your devices have the specific protections they require, especially those used for remote-access work. For any business, cyberattacks can have devastating consequences. DIGIGUARD can assess your cyber risks and work with you to design the best protection solutions for your business.

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