PayPal Account Hacked? PayPal Scams Abound!

Summary: This 3-minute article explores how hackers use fake PayPal emails and texts to trick users into compromising their cyber security via emails and texts. Learn how to spot them and avoid them. Contact DIGIGUARD CYBER SECURITY at 833-33-CYBER (833-332-9237) or visit to schedule a cyber risk analysis and discuss innovative solutions to ensure you have the best possible protection.

No one likes to be scammed. But the Internet has opened up a new world for cybercriminals dead set on breaching your private data. Furthermore, small business cyber security is no simple matter. If you are an SMB owner, you can’t risk your company’s hard-earned data. If you are a home user, you cannot risk the nightmare of your private data being compromised.

Although fake websites, known as “spoofing websites,” are commonly used for online scams, there are many other ways for cybercriminals to breach your data. For example, PayPal is a highly impersonated platform and hackers have come up with a plethora of techniques to fool PayPal users:

PayPal Scam Emails

SMBs and PayPal Payment Scams

Small to midsized businesses must be wary of PayPal scams as vendors. Cybercriminals use shipping to confuse deliveries and ask for refunds that aren’t due by:

DIGIGUARD’s Innovative Solutions For Cyber Vulnerabilities

As your home or SMB grows, expands its network and adds more devices such as smart controls, wireless access and remote access, your network vulnerability grows, too. DIGIGUARD specializes in proactive cyber security and network security and has a wide array of solutions for home users and small to midsized businesses to defend against cyberattacks and other network data breaches. They are cyber security experts who can ensure your confidential personal, business and financial data have the best protection possible. Furthermore, they can help establish cyber security best practices and train your employees, so they do not inadvertently open your company to a cyberattack. That training will work in tandem with your Incident Response Plan so that everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of a cyberattack. DIGIGUARD’s services in cyber security are up-to-the-minute and cost-effective. They will enable SMB owners to concentrate on operating their businesses without fear of a data breach crippling their operations.

Contact DIGIGUARD CYBER SECURITY at 833-33-CYBER (833-332-9237) to discuss the best cyber protection for your home or SMB’s private data before you face a deadly cyberattack.