Hacker Next Door? How to Tell If Someone is Stealing Your WiFi

The 2020s have already exposed our world to many new dangerous cyber security threats. The expanded remote-access workforce spawned by the pandemic has exacerbated the access and impact of cyberattacks. The IT world has responded with more powerful protection options such as password managers and vpns. But cyber security is a multi-layered operation, and hackers continue to find ways around new protection tools. Therefore, it is essential to have many layers of protection to preserve the sanctity of your data.

A few possible signs that your WiFi network password has been hacked:

Secure WiFi is Basic to Strong Cyber Security

The most common access point from which cybercriminals can grab your WiFi password is your router. Nowadays, most routers come with strong default WiFi passwords. However, if you suspect your WiFi password has been stolen, change your router’s password. Successful hacking of your WiFi network affords hackers the flexibility to attack the network itself and any connected devices. Their goal is to find the weakest links and target those vulnerabilities. In addition, they count on users making mistakes upon which they can capitalize. The good news is that you have physical control of your router and can take the necessary action. The most common causes of hacker-compromised WiFi connections are:

Here are some tips to help secure your WiFi connection:

Once a network is attacked, cybercriminals can steal a business’ most sensitive data. For a small to midsized business, a network breach can be devastating. A high compliance company, such as a law firm or medical practice, where protecting a client’s private information is regulated by law, could be put out of business by a cyberattack. Ironically, once a network router is up and running, business owners often forget about it. Small to midsized businesses do not have the time, expertise or budget for a full-time IT department. However, insufficient cyber security is not an option. Therefore, it is essential to enlist the expertise of IT professionals who can identify vulnerabilities in your system and make strategic recommendations to upgrade your company’s level of cyber protection.

DIGIGUARD Cyber Security Knows How to Protect Your Network

DIGIGUARD, specializing in preventing cyber threats, has a wide array of solutions to protect your small to midsized business from cybercrimes. It works with companies to establish cyber security best practices to ensure their confidential data has the best protection possible, and they are prepared for any cybercrime events that might arise. In addition, DIGIGUARD will assess your cyber risks and work with you to ensure you have the best protection solution for your business.

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