Cyber Security Spending. The Importance of an IT Security Budget

Summary: This 3-minute article explores IT security budgets for small businesses. Many SMBs do not plan their cyber security spend as a percentage of revenue. Learn about creating an IT security budget. Effective cyber security requires multiple layers of defense, ongoing scrutiny of your computer system, and employee training. Contact DIGIGUARD CYBER SECURITY at 833-33-CYBER (833-332-9237) or visit to schedule a cyber risk analysis and discuss a wide array of innovative solutions to ensure your SMB has the best possible small business cyber threat protection.

IT Security For Small Businesses

Cyberattacks continue to “ramp up” as our connected world grows daily. As a result, the need for a robust security plan is here to stay. All businesses must accept that cyber security is now a critical line item in every company’s budget. However, it is essential to have appropriate security in place before an attempted cyberattack and to understand the risks of not being secure enough.

Unfortunately, many SMB owners believe that hackers won’t waste their time on small businesses. However, the opposite is true; Cybercriminals view small to midsized companies as the “low-hanging fruit” and, therefore, easy targets. In addition, hackers count on SMBs not having sufficient cyber threat protection. Unfortunately, the fact is that almost 70% of small businesses have experienced cyberattacks.

Before creating a budget for cyber security, you must first define your goals for cyber threat protection. To determine your goals, you might consider hiring IT experts to ensure you have a good sense of everything important to your business. Small to midsized companies should consider these areas of concern:

IT Security Budgeting

IT Security Budgeting is very specific to your company’s size and needs. Although many finance executives plan cyber security as a percentage of their IT budgets, the formula is not just about the numbers. Small business owners must weigh the financial repercussions of not having enough cyber threat protection.

The topline considerations in formulating a budget:

The harsh reality is that even a sizeable cyber security budget cannot guarantee your SMB will not fall victim to an attack. Therefore, the goal is to add as many layers of security as possible. Also, employees must be trained and on the same page in applying best practices to help protect your business from a data breach.

Creating an appropriate cyber security budget might not be a do-it-yourself proposition. If you are writing a budget for the first time, it is a good idea to hire IT professionals who will be able to analyze your computer system for vulnerabilities and identify what steps should be taken.

DIGIGUARD’s Innovative Solutions For SMBs

As your SMB grows, expands its network and adds more platforms and devices, such as Bluetooth devices, smart controls and wireless remote, your network’s vulnerability grows, too. DIGIGUARD specializes in proactive cyber threat protection and network security and has a wide array of solutions for small to midsized businesses to defend against cyberattacks and other network data breaches. They are cyber security experts who can help you create a cyber security budget and help you ensure your confidential personal, business and financial data have the best protection possible. Furthermore, they can help establish cyber security best practices and provide employee training so your employees can spot cyber threats and not inadvertently expose your company to a cyberattack. That training will work in tandem with the rest of your cyber protections so that everyone knows what they must do to prevent a data breach and precisely what to do in the event of a real cyberattack. DIGIGUARD’s services in cyber security are up-to-the-minute and cost-effective. They will enable SMB owners to concentrate on operating their businesses without fear of a data breach crippling their operations.

Contact DIGIGUARD CYBER SECURITY at 833-332-CYBER (833-332-9237) to discuss the best cyber threat protection for your SMB before you face a deadly cyberattack.