My Bank Account Was Hacked. Is Online Banking Safe?

Online banking has added a new level of convenience to personal and business banking. But the convenience comes with a cost: it is now easier for hackers to breach your bank accounts. One method hackers use to attack online bank accounts is called a “Trojan horse” or just “trojan.” Trojan malware disguises fake files, so they appear to be safe. There are several common ways hackers use trojans:

Is My Bank Account Compromised? Are Bank Apps Safe?

Detecting and protecting against online banking fraud is a serious challenge. The ever-evolving approaches hackers develop for cyberattacks can make cyber security seem quite daunting to a small or midsized business. A significant increase in remote access work has dramatically increased online vulnerabilities. Unless proper defenses are in place, one may not know if their private banking information has been hacked until it’s too late. It does no good to discover a banking cyberattack after your accounts have been emptied and your financial data compromised. You may use online banking apps safely, with the proper protection in place. There are many options available to ensure online security, including Virtual Private Networks. VPNs can secure online transactions by creating a secure network within the network. Professional cyber security experts can help you determine which combination of defenses is best for your type of business.

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With more and more remote-access work, statistics show that it is merely a matter of time before a small or midsized business is hit by cybercrime. All of your connected devices are at risk. Banking apps have made banking functions more convenient. But with convenience comes increased vulnerability. And as your business grows and adds more devices such as smart controls, wireless access and remote access, your network surface attack area for hackers grows, too. DIGIGUARD specializes in proactive cyber threat protection and has a wide array of solutions for small and midsized businesses to defend against online banking hacks. They are cyber security experts who can ensure your confidential business and banking data has the best protection possible. DIGIGUARD can also establish Cyber Security Monitoring, which provides early detection of potential cyber threats. They can also train your employees in cyber security best practices. Many companies, bound by strict compliance and privacy laws, such as law firms, medical practices, and those offering financial services, cannot risk data breaches of any kind and must apply additional data protection measures. For any business, cyberattacks can have devastating consequences. DIGIGUARD can assess your cyber risks and work with you to ensure you have the best network and data protection solution for your business.

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